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 We are a network of certified Personal Property Appraisers and Advisors -- all members of the Appraisers Association of America-- based in the metro New York area. We have been assisting clients with the valuation and liquidation of home contents for decades, whether for estate, insurance, donation, equitable distribution or resale purposes.  


Our appraisers work with a wide range of clients on a local, regional and national level, from private individuals to large, multi-dimensional estates. Our lead appraiser Sheri Mason is USPAP-compliant and a Member of the Appraisers Association of America. She was a key member of the Kaminski Auction team, selected and entrusted by Oprah to sell a wide range of her personal property when she decided to downsize and sell the "Oprah Winfrey Collection." 

















In the course of our business--and our lives--when sharing the nature of our profession, we inevitably hear: "Wow. You're an appraiser? I would love to have you come over and look at what I have." The reality is that today, with shows like Antiques Roadshow™, Pawn Stars™ and Storage Wars™, so many people are curious to know if they just may be sitting on a    hidden treasure. 

   So for a simple flat fee, we have been  going to homes, storage units, etc., for a walk-thru, where we identify items of potential value and answer questions. Almost invariably, there is at least one "a ha" moment. Even if this moment does not always translate into the perceived expectation, our clients are always grateful for the knowledge!


All inquiries and schedules are managed by the team at SLM Appraisals:


Sheri Mason on one of Oprah's mopeds

Oprah with her mopeds

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